Punta Coco Location Map

Punta Coco is the pristine southern tip of the large island of Isla Del Rey

  Pearl Island Archipelago, Gulf of Panama, Panama 

Pacific Ocean, Central America


     We are pleased to offer you this rare opportunity

to own a piece of  tropical island paradise.

  • This offer consists of several parcels of land fully titled since 1972. These properties are included in an approved Master Plan and Environmental Study, and are zoned for medium density tourism.
  • Approximately 3 kilometers/2 miles of coastline, some clifftops and high points, beautiful white sand beaches, rich marine and bird life, walking paths, and a road  for small vehicles.
  • These properties may be purchased in part or as a whole at prices ranging from $10-25 per m2.  Compare this with $250 per m2 in Pedasi or three times that on Contadora or other areas of  Panama and Costa Rica. The parcels range from 4 ha (10 acres) to 64 hectares (158 acres).
  • Punta Coco is a unique opportunity that lends itself to the discerning investor to create an island retreat, a unique community, an estate vacation home or to land bank for future returns/ROI.
  • Nearby is a 4,000′ American government built airstrip – home for your plane.
  • 30 minutes by plane or two hours by boat from cosmopolitan Panama City. Panama City is a three hour flight from Miami, USA.

Features of Punta Coco

Punta Coco has lush tropical acres rolling down to white sand beaches, palm trees, and turquoise waters that provide the opportunity for a world-class marina – home for your boat!

The gentle slope of the land allows for residences with ocean views, and eco-sensitive resorts and spas that blend themselves into the indigenous environment.

The nearest fishing village is Esmeralda, with a population of approximately 950 residents – fresh fish daily!

The Pearl Island Archipelago is a pristine ecosystem restricted to lower impact eco-sensitive sustainable green tourism development.  With this in mind, biospheres, landscape, ecosystems and species on the island of Isla Del Rey and the Punta Coco Peninsula are protected and preserved for everyone’s enjoyment.

Isla Del Rey is one of the few untouched havens left on this planet for green-conscious travelers eager to escape from the well-traveled path – it is serenely beautiful, wild and pristine.

Punta Coco offers the chance to live a protected island existence with abundantly rich flora and fauna amidst miles of unspoiled coastline, sandy coves, and white sand beaches. Island trails beckon to be explored where you can stroll over gentle hills amidst lush jungle with stunning ocean views.

Punto Coco has world class billfishing and within a short distance from the beaches you will find Rooster, Tuna and Dorado.

The Tropical Weather

Temperature:  Average year-round temperatures are in the mid to upper 80s. The area enjoys regular ocean breezes and an equatorial climate. Average rainfall: about 1,140 to 2,290 mm (44 – 90 inches ) per year on the Pacific side of the country, about half that of the Caribbean side. The rain is confined mainly from mid-April to mid-December. Even during the rainy season, all-day rains are very rare. Typically, rain arrives in downpours and lasts for a few hours. The driest months on the Pacific side are mid-December through April.

Panama, and therefore Isla Del Rey and Punta Coco, lie below the hurricane track.

Transportation: The United States military built a 4,000’ runway which private aircraft can use. Air Panama provides 30 minute flights from Panama City to San Miguel, Isla Del Rey, and Sea Las Perlas provides a two hour ferry service to and from San Miguel and Panama City.

World Class Sport Fishing:  This region boasts the world’s most impressive sport fishing, with over 200 world records set in nearby Piñas Bay. The offshore waters offer an abundance of outdoor activities including diving and fishing. A short distance from shore there is a 9,000’ drop off and this area is renowned for record breaking black marlin, dorado, tuna, snapper, and mackerel.

Marina and Dock:  There is a good spot for a pier and marina here and plans have been submitted for approval with the marina extending out maybe 40 meters and offering draft for a good sized yacht even at low tide. The spot is sheltered from the southern swells as well as the northern winds and waves in the summer months.

Eco Resort or Boutique Hotel

These properties have several locations offering total seclusion in natural and inspiring settings ideal for an intimate luxury resort/spa/boutique hotel which would blend into the surrounding natural environment.

There are a few traditional fishing villages on Isla Del Rey with small populations of less than 1,200. The locals are friendly, hospitable, welcome development and look to this development to provide more opportunities for their livelihood. Local community projects to support the local people have been implemented and through bird, flora and fauna, and turtle beach protection owners will be giving back. Punta Coco has incredible nature with natural turtle hatcheries where you can watch turtles come ashore at night year round.  Leatherback, Hawksbill and Green turtles nest in the area, and sightings are frequent during nesting season.

The United Nations Development Programme, UNDP, together with the Panamanian Tourism Board commissioned the German Tourism Organisation, GATO AG, to research and develop a comprehensive sustainable tourism master plan for the Pearl Islands with a focus on Isla Del Rey. This was completed in 2003 and is available on CD and hard copy. The objective of the Sustainable Tourism Master Plan is to identify the potential and develop a holistic vision, present qualitative and quantitative development targets for the Las Perlas Archipelago to provide a sustainable tourism plan that is ecologically sound.