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Investing in Panama

Why invest in tropical island property in Panama?

Now is an excellent time to invest in tropical island real estate that is remote, yet within easy access of Panama City. Ideal for land banking/developing for tourism – now or later.

Market Analysis

Opportunity: Recognized by Forbes and The New York Times as a top draw for visitors and retirees alike, Panama is one of the few countries left where foreigners can buy titled island beachfront land. The Panamanian government encourages foreign investment and offers considerable tax benefits.

Stability: Panama offers a U.S. Dollar-based economy and consistent economic performance, plus first-world infrastructure, telecommunications, business services, and medical care. Politically sound with a stable government, it has also been declared a “best risk investment” by Political Risk Services.

Growth: Tourism passed the 2 million mark in 2011, and Panama is investing millions in tourism promotion. For the growing eco-tourism market Panama offers experiences for both extreme and casual adventure seekers. The expansion of the Panama Canal promises Panama will continue as a main international trade and transport hub. Add daily direct flights from the US and Europe for accessibility, first-rate hotels, restaurants and shopping on a par with the U.S., and Panama is a unique opportunity for your investment to grow. A 70-story Trump Ocean Club and a Hard Rock “megapolis” opened recently

Additional factors that encourage investing in Panama:

  • Panama is the fastest-growing economy in the Americas. Last year it expanded by 10.6 percent with 11 percent predicted by the end of 2012
  • Panama is one of the main trade and international transport hubs and meets the golden rule of any successful hub: location. location, location
  • Overseas demand for Central American real estate is growing exponentially
  • Over 60 Multinational companies, such as Procter & Gamble, Dell, Hewlett Packard, GE, Caterpillar, SAB Miller & the UN make Panama their regional base
  • The Colon Free Zone – covering 450 hectares is the world’s largest free zone after Hong Kong
  • Top of the list of the world’s freest economies, ranking eighth with Australia, Ireland, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg – Canada’s Fraser Institute
  • Panama is economically and politically sound with a stable democratic government since 1989
  • Panama is a leading International banking center
  • Panama is located in a hurricane and typhoon free zone
  • The British are Panama’s largest foreign investors, with £8 billion committed to date
  • A well-developed infrastructure is already in place including fiber optic cables throughout the country, and presently an underground Metro in Panama City is under construction as well as large scale road expansion
  • Panama has established itself as an emerging market for eco-conscious sustainable tourism.