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Are you looking to purchase titled, pristine tropical island real estate?

We are pleased to offer you this rare opportunity in the Pearl Island Archipelago on the Pacific Ocean side of the country of Panama. Panama allows foreigners to purchase titled island property. These parcels of land on Punta Coco are included in an approved Master Plan & Environmental Study, are zoned for medium density tourism, and are near a 4,000’ airstrip constructed by the American government. In addition to being renowned for its picturesque beaches and beautiful rainforests, Panama is also known for the finest tropical climate in the Caribbean. The Pacific Ocean side of Panama has twice the amount of sunny days than the Caribbean coast.  All of Panama is located below the hurricane track.

Where is this tropical island property?

Punta Coco is in the Bay of Panama in the Pacific Ocean on the southern peninsula of the island of Isla Del Rey in the Pearl Island Archipelago, Panama – only 30 minutes by plane or two hours by boat from cosmopolitan Panama City. Panama City is a three hour daily plane ride from Miami, Florida.

Punta Coco lends itself to the discerning investor – undiscovered and undeveloped by tourism, this pristine tropical island property has been approved for eco-sensitive sustainable development – remote, yet easily accessible, daily domestic flights and a daily catamaran ferry.

Punta Coco offers total seclusion in a natural and inspiring setting, ideally suited to:

  • An intimate luxury eco-resort/spa/boutique hotel blended into the surrounding natural environment.
  • Paradise for a unique island home community with vacation homes to slip away to time and time again
  • A land banking investment for future high returns/ROI.

Why Invest in Panama?

Opportunity: Recognized by Forbes and The New York Times as a top draw for visitors and retirees alike, Panama is one of the few countries left where foreigners can buy titled island beachfront land. The Panamanian government encourages foreign investment and offers considerable tax benefits.

Stability: Panama offers a U.S. Dollar-based economy and consistent economic performance, plus first-world infrastructure, telecommunications, business services, and medical care. Politically sound with a stable government, it has also been declared a “best risk investment” by Political Risk Services.

Growth: Tourism passed the 2.5 million mark in 2015, and Panama is investing millions in tourism promotion. For the growing eco-tourism market Panama offers experiences for both extreme and casual adventure seekers. The expansion of the Panama Canal promises Panama will continue as a main international trade and transport hub. Add daily direct flights for accessibility, first-rate hotels, restaurants and shopping on a par with the U.S., and Panama is a unique opportunity for your investment to grow.

Opportunity, Stability, Growth – Panama

Where Is Punta Coco?

Where is Punta Coco?

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